Davis Design Company offers renovation services for all areas of the home. This includes areas within the home such as: the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, mudroom, closet, bar, entertainment systems, built-in cabinetry, wine room, and butler’s pantry. In addition, we specialize in outdoor projects including: kitchens, patios, decks, retaining walls and pergolas. Davis Design also has expertise in designing and building small-scale home additions. We offer a complete range of services from simple facelifts and repairs to full renovations, encompassing consultation and design, ensuring the best materials are used and providing expert installation and project management.

Consultation and Design

Davis Design Company offers a comprehensive suite of home renovations services. Our relationship with you builds from our first consultation, which is free – including the estimate. After that, for time-intensive projects, an hourly consultation fee may apply as agreed on and depending on the complexity of the project. Our design capabilities are the best in the business. And we have portfolios and client testimonials to support it. As such, design work that does not result in implementation by Davis Design Company may require an additional fee that is predetermined by both the company and the client, based on the size and scale of the project. If Davis Design Company provides the materials and installation, the fee is applied to the contract price.


Poor installation will ruin any project regardless of the strength of the original design. At Davis Design Company we ensure that the proper installation occurs, applying the most strident attention to details. A great design is only that until the design is implemented effectively, and expert installation is critical to the process. Expert installation is part of the Davis Design difference.


We work collaboratively with Realtors to help them facilitate the purchase and sale of properties. For homes about to be placed on the market, we are quick and dependable in making repairs or upgrades to help make the property more marketable. We also provide sellers with ready-made designs and cost estimates for possible renovations that give potential buyers ideas of how a home can be easily tailored to suit their needs within a reasonable timeframe and at an affordable cost.

In addition, we work with Realtors who have clients looking to purchase a home. We offer quick quotes for work they would like to do, so they can include that into their budget before placing an offer. Davis Design Company provides all of the services home owners, home buyers and Realtors need when looking to sell, buy or prepare a home for either scenario – and without having to go to multiple resources.