The Davis family influence on construction and design in Richmond began on 323 West Cary St. back in 1892. That is when my Great Grandfather Charles W. Davis and his brother J. Lee Davis started Davis Brothers Inc. They started slowly but initiated an innovative program to take advantage of the growing interest in the new neighborhood in the city called The Fan.

Richmond families desired the new homes being built in that area but were unable to get the necessary financing. So Davis Brothers started a risky but ultimately very successful program. They instituted a time plus materials policy where the client could make payments during the course of construction for the labor and materials used. This eased the financial burden and facilitated many home building projects. Within a couple years Davis Brothers had become a major player bringing the Colonial Revival, Queen’s Anne and later the Arts & Crafts architecture to the rapidly expanding Fan area.

The company’s motto in those years was “we plan, build and finance anything, anywhere”. By the 1920’s Davis Brother’s bought several parcels in the new subdivision known as Scott’s Addition. Along with constructing many of the warehouses located there they also opened their new multi building facility. This allowed them to hire some of the finest craftsmen in the city from all the major trades and have them under one roof. This greatly enhanced the company’s efficiency and quality control. Davis Brother’s architectural influence is found throughout the city in the hundreds of residential homes, schools and commercial facilities that still stand today.

The Davis Design Company was built on that same innovation and commitment to quality that has been a part of Richmond for so many years. We proudly carry that torch lit back in 1892 and carry on the family traditions into the Twenty First Century.